I’ve Moved!!

Hexcellence is dead. And from its ashes, Zennia has arisen!

Zennia Logo

I’m sure you can tell by the fact that I haven’t been posting over here very much that I’ve lost some of my passion.

As I told my newsletter subscribers, “I still love what I do–I just don’t love the way I’m doing it”.

I had been debating whether or not to make the change for the better part of a year.

Finally, on the Gemini Super Moon, I did it. I launched Zennia–my new blog and store.

From my new About page:

Zennia is a lifestyle blog for the modern witch.

For those of us who experience the political as the personal.

For those of us who value self care and the importance of emotional labor.

For those of us who don’t want to repeat our parent’s mistakes.

My products have been designed to hold a mirror up to the self, and to help my clients more readily and lovingly know themselves. I do this through focusing on tarot readings, and making courses and workbooks that center around the important work of self care and shadow work.

My mission is to take all I have learned, translate those lessons into both free and paid content, and use that content to help my clients live honest, free, and wild lives!



I am so excited to share this new path on my journey with you!

Just a quick heads up: I will be transferring all post from this blog over to the new one, so adjust your bookmarks accordingly!


I do hope you follow me over to the new blog. And if you choose to order from me, make sure you use offer code ZENNIA for 10% off until 12/10/17.



Zee (Zennia)


Astrology & Shadow Work (Lilith Addition!)

Astrology & Shadow Work Part II(1)

I almost regret not starting this Astrology and Shadow Work series (is it a series? I haven’t really decided yet) with Lilith. Because if you wanna talk about some shadow shit, look no further than Dark Moon Lilith.

And like the moon,
She had a side of her so dark,
That even the stars couldn’t shine on it;
She had a side of her so cold,
That even the sun couldn’t burn on it.
And it made her even more desirable.
–Abigail J.

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People Who Shaped Me: Lisa Lopes

I grew up in the 90’s, so today is a sad, nostalgic day for me.

TLC was a Damn Big Deal when I was in the middle of growing a personality, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop being thankful for that fact. They all–T-Boz, Chilli, and Left Eye–seemed so painfully cool. The kind of thing we might call #Goals today.

But one of these women stood out to me. In my eight year old mind, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes seemed like an outer space Princess. A forest nymph. Royalty from Neptune. Her big, dark, liquid eyes seemed like they were capable of staring into your soul and seeing through all your bullshit into the depths of who you really are.

She didn’t seem like she was of this world.

As someone who grew up worshiping Morticia Addams, this of course drew me to her like a moth to a flame.

My memory has never been the best, so I cannot offer you a linear, time-stamped account of my thoughts and recollections of her. But I do remember the minivan ride to middle school where I heard her death on the radio.

I remember after I got the news, there was an empty space inside me that felt uncomfortably vast. If the reaction of other fans out there is anything to go by, I wasn’t alone.

She died in Honduras on a spiritual retreat. That was the news that kept getting repeated by various outlets. I was only eleven at the time. I didn’t know where the hell Honduras was and I had no clue was a spiritual retreat was. These words had no real meaning to me, but they kept repeating in my mind. “Honduras on a spiritual retreat”.

I grew up. I got older. I found out where the hell Honduras was. I figured out what “spiritual retreat” meant in vague terms. But I wondered what that meant to her.

I had to wait until about 2008 when I finally caught the documentary on VH1. Today is the 14th anniversary of her death. In case you haven’t seen the documentary yet (or just want to rewatch it and remember her), I’ve included it here. Lisa Lopes, in her own words.

I’m spending the day remembering this incredible woman. This woman of light and shadow. Of unlimited talent. Of intuition and insight. This beautiful woman of complexity. Rest in peace, Left Eye. I hope you’ve found your answers.

My Favorite Magick Book

When I first started buying books on magic and witchcraft, I looked for texts which included tons of exercises, spells, and rituals. I tend to learn from doing. So I would read, try, tweak, try again.

The results were mixed, to say the least. I read a lot of books that were lackluster. I read a lot of books that were just plain shit. I read even more books that just rehashed the same basic information again and again.

Something had to change.

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May Day Sale!

I thought about holding off on doing this for a couple more days, but then I thought…screw it. Why the hell not?

So here it is–this year’s Beltane/May Day sale!

First up is the Need Fire reading. Are you holding on to a bunch of shit you no longer have use for? In need of some purification? Find out what to let go of with the Need Fire reading.

needfireneed fire 2

Get yours now.


The second new spread on offer is the Threshold Reading. What does this liminal time hold for you? Find out now.


threshold 2

Get yours now

They’re both under $10 and a great, simple way to get your ass in gear this season.

The veil is thinning once more. May bright blessings come through for you and yours.



Full Moon in Taurus


Taurus moon

Today is a very full day.

  • The day before Thanksgiving with the family.
  • The day before my first Black Friday sale goes live.
  • A full moon in Taurus.

I woke at 5:30 am and brewed my morning’s first cup of coffee and waited to wake up before truly starting my day. While waiting for the caffeine to kick in and work its magic, I went in search of a tarot spread that would be appropriate today.

Two thirds of the way through my first cup and with the sun creeping up over the horizon, I was ready to start my day.

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Deprogramming: Money Mayhem


Here’s the thing about using witchcraft to work on yourself.

Here’s the thing about using anything to work on yourself.

Here the thing about working on yourself.

You’ll never be finished. There will always be something to improve upon.

This is something I’ve known since before I even thought about trying to better myself as a person. Perfection is the greatest myth ever conceived, after all. But knowing something in theory and knowing something in practice are two totally different things.

To be quite honest, I (foolishly) thought I knew all of my problems, all of the things I needed to work on. I thought these were things that would keep me occupied well into my old age.

“There couldn’t possibly be more than all this,” I thought, standing in pseudo-contentment amid all my various problems, fears, and old hurts. “This will keep me plenty busy until I die!”
So imagine my surprise when I uncovered this previously unnoticed lie I’d been telling myself since childhood.

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