The Chiron Workbooks

The Chiron Workbooks;Healing your Wounded Warrior Facebook(1)

Have you heard about the Chiron Workbooks yet?

The Chiron Workbooks were designed for people who are interested in Self work, and perhaps new to the asteroid Chiron and its impact on their natal chart.

This workbook clocks in at a short and sweet 22 pages, but even at its small size, was designed to be revisited again and again.

Look Inside the Chiron Workbooks

Each workbook opens with a short introduction and a short letter written specifically for your sign. From there, I walk you through the basics of your Chiron sign, and how it manifests in each House.

Also included in each workbook are 13 different journal prompts and activities, crystal/gem and herb correspondences for your Chiron, affirmations specific for your healing, two spells, and two mini-rituals. All designed specifically to help you heal your Wounded Healer.

Download the workbook now, and begin your healing journey!

Oh, and the best part? Itโ€™s $7.00

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Note: Workbooks are based on Chiron signs, not sun Signs. You must know your Chiron sign and download the correct workbook for these to work correctly for you.

Chiron–The Wounded Healer

Chiron & Healing

Way back in March of 2016, I wrote my very first post about Astrology as it relates to Shadow Work.

In that post, I gave you ideas about different placements to look towards that would help with your shadow work. One of the placements I mentioned was the asteroid Chiron.

Let’s examine that more closely, shall we?

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Freebies Galore!

Can you say ‘galore’ when the freebies number two? I’m not sure. But whatever–free shit! Things you don’t have to pay for! Hell yeah!


Because it’s nearly Halloween, and Halloween gets me hella pumped about life and witchcraft and all that good shit. It makes me feel especially generous, and so you reap the benefits of that. Cool? Cool.



This one does exactly as it says on the tin. Er…graphic. My most popular blog posts are, by far, the ones dealing with using astrology to help with shadow work. Y’all have spoken, and I have heard: MORE! So enjoy this free PDF download to help you get jump started.

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Happy almost-Halloween, y’all!

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Astrology & Shadow Work (Lilith Addition!)

Astrology & Shadow Work Part II(1)

I almost regret not starting this Astrology and Shadow Work series (is it a series? I haven’t really decided yet) with Lilith. Because if you wanna talk about some shadow shit, look no further than Dark Moon Lilith.

And like the moon,
She had a side of her so dark,
That even the stars couldn’t shine on it;
She had a side of her so cold,
That even the sun couldn’t burn on it.
And it made her even more desirable.
–Abigail J.

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Mars ‘Effing Retrograde


Thoughts on MarsRetrograde 2016

Those of you who have been following me since the witchcuntt Tumblr days can probably attest to the fact that a lot has changed over the past few years. I’m only just beginning to talk about these changes, but I feel like this shift is at least superficially obvious through things like my art work, layouts, the stuff I reblog and post about, etc.

And while these shifts in beliefs and views have changed a lot of things, one constant is that I’m honest as all hell. Mostly about how I feel. And while my views about most things in recent years have shifted towards being more optimistic, I’m still honest about how I’m feeling, as I’m feeling it.

So you can trust me when I say Mars Retrograde started yesterday and I already hate it.


Mars Retrograde

According to Chani Nicholas:

This week Mars stations retrograde. It will be so for the better part of 11 weeks (April 17th-June 29th). This will give us ample opportunity to examine our relationship to all things Mars. Our anger, our drive, our determination, our desire. Mars retrograde can be a time that is better used refining our relationship to it rather than trying to take large leaps in the world. [x]

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Astrology & Shadow Work

Astrology & Shadow Work I’ve been practicing shadow work for roughly 4-5 years now, and it’s been…quite the ride. I’ve found out a lot about myself, which is always ultimately a good thing. There’s a lot that has been written about the subject from many different perspectives and with the uptick in interest I’ve noticed in the last two years or so, I figured, why not add my own views to the mix.

So whether you’re just starting to get into shadow work, or you’re looking for a way to shake things up, I hope this post is helpful to you.

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