I’ve Moved!!

Hexcellence is dead. And from its ashes, Zennia has arisen!

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I’m sure you can tell by the fact that I haven’t been posting over here very much that I’ve lost some of my passion.

As I told my newsletter subscribers, “I still love what I do–I just don’t love the way I’m doing it”.

I had been debating whether or not to make the change for the better part of a year.

Finally, on the Gemini Super Moon, I did it. I launched Zennia–my new blog and store.

From my new About page:

Zennia is a lifestyle blog for the modern witch.

For those of us who experience the political as the personal.

For those of us who value self care and the importance of emotional labor.

For those of us who don’t want to repeat our parent’s mistakes.

My products have been designed to hold a mirror up to the self, and to help my clients more readily and lovingly know themselves. I do this through focusing on tarot readings, and making courses and workbooks that center around the important work of self care and shadow work.

My mission is to take all I have learned, translate those lessons into both free and paid content, and use that content to help my clients live honest, free, and wild lives!



I am so excited to share this new path on my journey with you!

Just a quick heads up: I will be transferring all post from this blog over to the new one, so adjust your bookmarks accordingly!


I do hope you follow me over to the new blog. And if you choose to order from me, make sure you use offer code ZENNIA for 10% off until 12/10/17.



Zee (Zennia)


Calling All Shadow Workers (New Product)!

It’s finally here!

I have been working so hard, for so long, to be able to get this beautiful new product to you, my loves.

Shadow work has been such a gift to my spiritual practice, and I want to pass that on to you with Moon Shadows!

What is Moon Shadows?

๐ŸŒ‘ Moon Shadows is the 28-day shadows work bootcamp you didnโ€™t know you were waiting for.

๐ŸŒ’ This highly personal and flexible self-lead course starts with us catching an initial glimpse of your shadow, and ends with a self care ritual.

๐ŸŒ“ The between phases leads you through the journey of encountering your shadow self, examining your shadow, and finally integrating it into Self.

๐ŸŒ” This multimedia course is packed with practical techniques you can use again and again in your shadow work journey.

๐ŸŒ• Moon Shadows is delivered in a .ZIP file directly to your email as soon as you purchase it. One price, one download, and you can use it again and again in your personal practice.

๐ŸŒ— Modeled after the 8 phases of the moon, you can run Moon Shadows as a 28-day bootcamp or stretch it out over weeks or even monthsโ€“since itโ€™s self lead, it is fully adaptable to your schedule and needs.

๐ŸŒ˜A great way to either start or reinvigorate your Shadow work practice!

What’s Included:

๐ŸŒ‘Moon Shadows is delivered to you email inbox in a .zip file that contains:ย 

๐ŸŒ’ 13 PDFs and 3 mp3s.

๐ŸŒ“Within these files, you will find:

๐ŸŒ” 13 journal prompts. Written to get you more familiar with your Shadow, and to help you work out your feelings about this aspect of yourself.

๐ŸŒ• 2 rituals. We open and close this course with a ritual. The first is a guided scrying exercise where we catch a glimpse of our Shadow. The final is a self care ritual to help recenter and nourish ourselves after all out hard work.

๐ŸŒ—ย  1 meditation, where we journey inside our psyche to meet and commune with our Shadow. This meditation is fully guided and includes a relaxation exercise and tips for successfully meditating.

๐ŸŒ˜ A mini-course in goal setting. At the end of our โ€œcycleโ€, we decide how weโ€™re going to either integrate our Shadow, or curb it (to keep it from sabotaging ourselves). We do this by deciding on realistic, achievable goals for this work, which I teach you through a mini goal setting course. This method of goal setting works for any objective, as well, and will become a valuable part of your life as well as your spirituality!

Supply List:

Bare minimum things you will 100% need are: Software that can open PDFs and some way to download and listen to audio files. Thatโ€™s it!

The ritual included in the course requires the following items: A candle (or candles) of any size and color. Your favorite bath salts (a simple recipe for bath salts is included in the course if you wish to go that route). Your favorite tea.

Other optional things you may want to have on hand include: a printer (as some PDFs are basically mini workbooks that you can print off and fill out). A journal (while you can print off the workbooks, a journal is always 1000% helpful when doing shadow work).

Get Moon Shadows Now!

The Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon(1)

Things have been in major flux for me lately.

Fist a stomach bug, then family obligations. Then Irma came through. Then more health stuff.

Before all of this, I wasn’t just sitting around and twiddling my thumbs, obviously. I had plans. Big plans. Plans that involved being very active (and having electricity).

Obviously, everything that was going on made that difficult–and at times impossible.

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New (Limited Time) Reading!


The New Moon in Aquarius occurs on January 28, 2017. Following that is the Full Moon in Leo on February 11th.

Aquarius and Leo are sister signs. Aquarius is about The All–humanity–while Leo is all about The Self.

This seven card spread will help you figure out the gap between The All and The Self moving further into 2017.

There are 10 readings available.

Order yours now!

Aries Super Moon Recap


A big part of my spiritual practices hinges just as much on destruction as it does on creation.

As soon as I get really comfortable in whatever it is I’m doing, I tear it all down and and begin again.

I’m sure we’re all familiar (and sick to death) of that old Nietzsche quote about staring into the void. And while I do my fair share of staring into it, I am also a big fan of shouting into The Void. Because if you listen closely enough, it will shout back.

But lately? No matter how loudly I scream, I’ve been getting back nothing but silence.

When it’s too comfortable, it’s time to shake it up. When it ceases to work, it’s time to tear it down.

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New Moon in Cancer


I’m just dropping in real quick to remind y’all of the New Moon in Cancer coming up on the 4th of July.

Any time there’s a moon in Cancer, it’s a good time to focus on self care. This Moon in Cancer feels particularly fortuitous because it comes right after Mars Retrograde, when we could all use a little TLC.

Self Care Ideas For This Moon:

Soak. Take a bath. Add your favorite oils and water/skin-safe crystals to it. Add flowers. Have a glass of wine. Put on some Erykah Badu and justย  f l o a t.

Meditate. Take a second to just be in the moment and breathe. Let the edges of your skin and the boundaries of your body blend seamlessly with the fabric of the Universe.

Use a Fave. That tea/lotion/lipstick/bath bomb/whatever you’ve been saving for a “special occasion”? Use it. You survived Mars retrograde. That’s a special occasion. You’re still breathing. That’s a special occasion.

Magick. For anything. Cleanse your home. Your bedroom. Make a calm-sleep pillow. If you cast circles, cast one and just bask in it.

Dream. If your dreams mean a lot to you, if they help you make sense of your inner, emotional world, let them be the way you make sense of what you’ve been through, and the guidepost for where to go now.

And that’s about it, y’all. Remember to take some time out for yourselves this July 4th. It’s been a hell of a couple of months, and you deserve to feel okay.

What are you planning for the New Moon? What are your favorite ways to practice self care? Let me know in the comments.