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The New Moon in Aquarius occurs on January 28, 2017. Following that is the Full Moon in Leo on February 11th.

Aquarius and Leo are sister signs. Aquarius is about The All–humanity–while Leo is all about The Self.

This seven card spread will help you figure out the gap between The All and The Self moving further into 2017.

There are 10 readings available.

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Aries Super Moon Recap


A big part of my spiritual practices hinges just as much on destruction as it does on creation.

As soon as I get really comfortable in whatever it is I’m doing, I tear it all down and and begin again.

I’m sure we’re all familiar (and sick to death) of that old Nietzsche quote about staring into the void. And while I do my fair share of staring into it, I am also a big fan of shouting into The Void. Because if you listen closely enough, it will shout back.

But lately? No matter how loudly I scream, I’ve been getting back nothing but silence.

When it’s too comfortable, it’s time to shake it up. When it ceases to work, it’s time to tear it down.

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New Moon in Cancer


I’m just dropping in real quick to remind y’all of the New Moon in Cancer coming up on the 4th of July.

Any time there’s a moon in Cancer, it’s a good time to focus on self care. This Moon in Cancer feels particularly fortuitous because it comes right after Mars Retrograde, when we could all use a little TLC.

Self Care Ideas For This Moon:

Soak. Take a bath. Add your favorite oils and water/skin-safe crystals to it. Add flowers. Have a glass of wine. Put on some Erykah Badu and justย  f l o a t.

Meditate. Take a second to just be in the moment and breathe. Let the edges of your skin and the boundaries of your body blend seamlessly with the fabric of the Universe.

Use a Fave. That tea/lotion/lipstick/bath bomb/whatever you’ve been saving for a “special occasion”? Use it. You survived Mars retrograde. That’s a special occasion. You’re still breathing. That’s a special occasion.

Magick. For anything. Cleanse your home. Your bedroom. Make a calm-sleep pillow. If you cast circles, cast one and just bask in it.

Dream. If your dreams mean a lot to you, if they help you make sense of your inner, emotional world, let them be the way you make sense of what you’ve been through, and the guidepost for where to go now.

And that’s about it, y’all. Remember to take some time out for yourselves this July 4th. It’s been a hell of a couple of months, and you deserve to feel okay.

What are you planning for the New Moon? What are your favorite ways to practice self care? Let me know in the comments.