I’ve Moved!!

Hexcellence is dead. And from its ashes, Zennia has arisen!

Zennia Logo

I’m sure you can tell by the fact that I haven’t been posting over here very much that I’ve lost some of my passion.

As I told my newsletter subscribers, “I still love what I do–I just don’t love the way I’m doing it”.

I had been debating whether or not to make the change for the better part of a year.

Finally, on the Gemini Super Moon, I did it. I launched Zennia–my new blog and store.

From my new About page:

Zennia is a lifestyle blog for the modern witch.

For those of us who experience the political as the personal.

For those of us who value self care and the importance of emotional labor.

For those of us who don’t want to repeat our parent’s mistakes.

My products have been designed to hold a mirror up to the self, and to help my clients more readily and lovingly know themselves. I do this through focusing on tarot readings, and making courses and workbooks that center around the important work of self care and shadow work.

My mission is to take all I have learned, translate those lessons into both free and paid content, and use that content to help my clients live honest, free, and wild lives!



I am so excited to share this new path on my journey with you!

Just a quick heads up: I will be transferring all post from this blog over to the new one, so adjust your bookmarks accordingly!


I do hope you follow me over to the new blog. And if you choose to order from me, make sure you use offer code ZENNIA for 10% off until 12/10/17.



Zee (Zennia)


For Those New To Tarot (or My Readings)

Tarot Q&A

Q: I’ve never had a tarot reading before. What if something bad comes up?

A: I suppose when you say “bad”, you’re thinking of specific cards (IE: Death, The Devil, or The Tower). To which I’d inform you that those cards aren’t necessarily as scary as they seem. They speak of transformation (Death), temptations (The Devil), and change (The Tower).

And those meanings can be slightly skewed depending on the cards that come up in the rest of your reading (for instance, I once had The Devil indicate in a reading that someone had a wicked sense of humor).

Not only that, but if difficult times were on the horizon for you, wouldn’t you rather have a heads up? Which leads us to….

Q: Do you do predictions?

A: Yes and no. Let me explain. I don’t believe in a predestined fate. I believe the choices you make effect whatever situation you may happen to be in (for better or for worse). And that belief of course flavors the way in which I read tarot. That’s why so many of my spreads focus on picking a new path (Good Ass Reading), or how to make the best of a shitty situation you’re already in the middle of (Hydrogen & Stupidity).

So yes, I’ll tell you what’s coming at you, but I’ll also tell you how to dodge it if you want me to.

Q: What exactly can I ask the tarot?

A: Literally anything. Whether or not it’ll give you a concise answer or not is up to the cards, really. And different readers will have different boundaries when it comes to what you can ask (I, for example, refuse to answer questions about health and legal issues).

But the cards themselves, you can ask anything.

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Ask it in the comments! Are you a tarot reader? What type of questions do you refuse to answer? Tell me below!