Terms & Conditions (Readings)


Goals & Beliefs

I strive to provide my clients with truthful, empowering readings to help them make the decisions that will best suit their chosen path.

I do not believe in fate, predestination, or the Western bastardization of karma. I do believe in multiplicity and cause and effect. These beliefs, of course, influence the way I read tarot. Many of the readings I offer are designed to give the client an idea of just how many options they have in any given situation.


I am not a medium, nor a god-phone. I will not attempt to contact any spirits (including but not limited to dead loved ones) or specific deities in readings for clients.

I don’t do readings relating to the following: health, or legal advice.

If you are under eighteen, I cannot be of service to you.

If you attempt to order the discounted qualifier/clarifier card(s) option (see Cards/Reading Options below) without having previously purchased a reading from me, I will not be reading for you at all. Ever. I don’t appreciate being cheated.



The cost of each reading is clearly listed in the store. I accept payment via Paypal, credit, or debit (Stripe).

Cards/Reading Options

I am currently offering tarot and oracle readings.

The decks I own currently are The Housewive’s Tarot, The Rider-Waite Mini, and the Lover’s Tarot. My oracle deck is the Journey of Love Oracle.

I’ve found the Lover’s Tarot is more geared toward interpersonal relationships and has a soft, parental/counselor vibe. The Rider-Waite steeped in myth and tradition and it knows it. Reading with the Housewive’s Tarot feels like talking to a close friend or everyone’s favorite outrageous drunken auntie.

I do not offer clients the option of choosing which deck with which I will read for them.

I offer free qualifier/clarifier cards on the following reading options: 1 card, 3 card, 5 card, Hydrogen and Stupidity, Kingsman, and the Good Ass Reading. I typically only do this at my own discretion.




You can tell me as much or as little about the situation you want me to divine for as you want. To do this, simply email me your order number [at hexcellence(dot)shop(at)gmail(dot)com] with whatever info you feel is important to share, and I will take this into consideration when I do your reading.

If you have any questions about your reading, feel free to email me about it. If you find something in the wording or formatting of the finished reading confusing, I am happy to clear it up for you, but any more than five follow up emails and I’ll more than likely point you to the discounted clarifier options on my shop.


The situation I’m currently living in is not conducive for readings delivered via Skype. Because of this, I send readings to clients via a beautifully designed PDF I will email you. This may change as my living situation also changes.

I reserve the right to refuse you service for any reason.

Once you place your order, I will send you a confirmation/thank you email within 24 hours. This is the time in which you should send any info you feel is helpful for the reading. You should receive your completed reading via email within 1-4 business days after receiving your confirmation/thank you email.

If for any reason I cannot finish your reading within the span of 4 business days, I will send you an email (NOTE: This has never happened before, but I have a very large family full of very elderly members, so you never know).

Family is very important to me, and there will be times when the shop is closed for the span of two weeks. This is so I can spend time with my grandmother. She doesn’t approve of tarot, and out of respect for her, I do not work while I’m staying with her. I appreciate your understanding on this matter.



Full refunds will only be given under one condition: If you cancel your order (for any reason–I won’t even ask you for one) within 24 hours.

As previously stated, I do not read from the “fate is a thing that exists” paradigm, so if you’re unhappy with the ‘fate’ laid out in the reading–change it! As I’ve said, most of my spreads are designed to give the client options for changing the situation they are in. I will not be issuing refunds because the client doesn’t like what the cards have to say, and/or how I interpreted the message.

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