The Reader

“I have approximate knowledge of many things.” –Demon Cat, Adventure Time

Zee. 25. OptiMystic. Worshiper of Avant Garde-ian Angels.

I was raised by Appalachian mystics and moonshine philosophers.

I’ve been a practitioner of the esoteric arts for 12 years and a reader of tarot for three and a half.

I strive to provide my clients with truthful, empowering readings to help them make the decisions that will best suit their chosen path.

I do not believe in fate, predestination, or the Western bastardization of karma. I do believe in multiplicity and cause and effect. These beliefs, of course, influence the way I read tarot. Many of the readings I offer are designed to give the client an idea of just how many options they have in any given situation.

The Product

I’m currently offering a wide variety of tarot readings, the spreads for which are based off whatever inspires that spark of creativity in me. These range from songs, movies, internet memes to the incredible intricacies of interpersonal relationships.

My spreads are designed to give my clients options for how to tackle whatever situation they’re facing. My goal is for each client to walk away from one of my readings feeling empowered and ready to tackle whatever obstacle they may be up against.

I have many more things in the pipeline–products to inspire, empower, and invite a little laughter and levity into your life. I hope to have the first of these projects store-ready by mid-year, 2016.

The Motivation

Like most great things in my life, I fell into professional tarot reading ass-backward. A year ago, my family had two extra people living with us for a few months. Money was tight. So I started reading for money through a side blog on Tumblr. I carried on reading after our company moved out because it felt truly liberating to get paid to do something I love.

So I decided to buckle down and open my own shop. I designed a bunch of new spreads and got to work. It’s been a trial of errors so far, in terms of marketing and design, but it’s also been a load of fun.


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