Solar Eclipse: Self Care

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This information was originally posted to the Philautia private group, in response to two students who wanted to know what could be done in terms of self care for this quickly approaching solar eclipse.


The energies of this time are (obviously) very BIG and heavy. There is a lot going on and a lot being asked of us at this time. We are being asked to rise up and meet these responsibilities.

  • Practical things to do at this time if you are an activist or sensitive person (or both) would be to examine your self care routine at this time.
  • Are your sleeping enough? Eating enough? Drinking enough water? Do you allow yourself to get easily overwhelmed by what’s going on? Remember to take breaks and take care of yourself–you can’t be truly helpful if you’re running on an empty tank!

Spiritual things to do at this time would be:

  • GROUNDING. Make sure you’re grounding yourself.
  • Cleansing yourself and your space is also great. I’ve been really into sage recently, for cleansing spaces.
  • A good self cleansing would be to get in the shower, stand under the spray, and with your eyes closed, envision all the impurities sliding off your spiritual body and flowing down the drain. I would suggest air drying after this cleansing, but depending upon your living situation/comfort with nudity, that may be difficult. Air dry if you can, or wrap yourself in a towel or robe and dry that way.
  • Cleanse those energy centers! There are tons of chakra cleansing guided meditations up on YouTube–take your pick. They range from 5 minutes to an hour, do whichever feels right for you.


America is pretty much going through a time of shadow work right now. A lot of the ugly shit this country was built upon (and continues to benefit from) is coming to the surface. Shadow work and self care/love go hand in hand. Self care is needed after a bout of shadow work, and shadow work itself is basically a form of “tough” love–being honest about the hidden aspects of ourselves so we can either fully integrate them with love, or work to keep them under control.

  • Right now is a great time (for all us white people reading this) to be honest with ourselves about our complacency within this oppressive system and work on that, and also to think upon how we specifically can work on dismantling white supremacy and its effects.
  • Ask your guides/higher self/deities/divination method of choice (or really dig down and journal your thoughts out) about all this shit: How you’ve been complacent, but also how you specifically can be a help at this point.

The Hoodwitch has a great blog post further detailing the energies of this time that you can use to come up with your own ideas about what to do:…/the-hoodwitch-witch-tips

In summation: Keep yourself clean & grounded, be a help to yourself and others, and don’t lose hope!

((Also, I know the eclipse is big and exciting and all, but let’s not forget that we’re also going through Mercury retrograde. The Mercury Rx is in Virgo, so planning is a big, big thing you can do for yourself right now. Grab your planner [or start a bullet journal] and start getting things in order. Your future self will thank you for it!))


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