SoSL: Links Round Up!

Summer of Self Love2017

And so it begins again, dear reader! The Summer of Self Love is back! To get things started, I thought I’d gather a list of links to articles I wrote this time last year, articles from other authors I’ve found useful, and a few products you may find helpful in your self care journey.

Let’s go!

Articles From Hexcellence

Self Care 101

Self Care 101 Part Two

The 5 Elements of Self Care

SoSL: The Perfected Self Tarot Spread

SoSL: Empowerment Ritual

Deprogramming: Affirmations


Articles from Other Sources

Why Self Care is a Bold and Badass Commitment by Sarah Steckler

What’s in My Self Care Toolkit? by Jessica Dimas

25 Self Care Ideas for Bad Days by Resilient

Loving yourself is a Revolutionary Act; The Radical Self Love Commandments by Gala Darling

30 Journal Prompts for Guaranteed Quality “Me” Time by Kelly Ann Maddox

20 Deep Journal Prompts by Kelly Ann Maddox


Products You’ll Love

The Self Care Companion Tarot Reading; What do you need at this time? A quick, effective, oracle card reading.

The Fortify! Tarot Reading; Do you know your boundaries? Is it time to reexamine them? This quick, affordable four card reading will help you figure it out.

Your Subconscious Tarot Reading; What is lurking in the depths of your mind? What could surface that needs examined?

The Full Pie Tarot Reading; How much bullshit can you safely swallow?

And finally, allow me to introduce you to Philautia:

Philautia Email Header

Philautia is a three month long e-course designed to help witches, pagans, wiccans, and others withing the community to step their self care game up! You can learn more about it by following the link above the banner, or here, where you can also purchase it (lesson one gets sent out on July 31, so hurry!).


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