Chiron–The Wounded Healer

Chiron & Healing

Way back in March of 2016, I wrote my very first post about Astrology as it relates to Shadow Work.

In that post, I gave you ideas about different placements to look towards that would help with your shadow work. One of the placements I mentioned was the asteroid Chiron.

Let’s examine that more closely, shall we?

chiron graphic 1

Chiron in Mythology

Chiron was a centaur in Greek myth. In the Iliad, Homer said of Chrion that he was the “wisest and justest of all the centaurs”.

Chiron was an astrologer and respected oracle. He was also a highly respected tutor and teacher. Among his students were such heroes as Ajax, Achilles, Jason, Perseus, and Heracles (plus many, many others).

Most importantly, though, Chiron was an amazing healer, yet could not heal himself.

chiron graphic 2

Chiron in Astronomy

Chiron is an asteroid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus. It was discovered on November 1, 1977 by Charles Kowal. Its orbit is highly unusual, as it crosses into Saturn’s orbit, as well as touching Uranus’.

chiron graphic 3

Chiron in Astrology

If you’ve ever heard of Chiron, you perhaps know that it is supposed to signify your deepest emotional wounds. But if you want to truly understand Chiron and its effect on you, look towards its glyph.

Chiron’s glyph (aka, its astrological symbol), is a key. Chiron can be the key to your healing. Just as one small key can open a large door, a small asteroid can make a large impact on our natal charts.

Chiron’s position in our solar system is also important when looking for clues into its purpose in the natal chart. Chiron serves the dual purpose of teacher (due to its proximity to Saturn) and spiritual mentor (because of its proximity to Uranus).

Chiron will ask you to step up and start healing these emotional/soul wounds, but it will also give you a gift of some sort.

Chiron’s Domain

Chiron is associated with many things, including:

  • astrology
  • the use of crystals for healing
  • holistic healing of all kinds
  • computers and electronics
  • initiation
  • the hands, especially when used for healing (massage, Reiki, etc)


Finding Chiron

So how do you find your Chiron’s placement? It’s super easy, no worries! Go to and click the option from the drop down menu highlighted in yellow:

astro 1

For this, you will need to know your time of birth. You’ll be taken to a page that looks like this, where you’ll fill in your information (I’ve used a fake name and info for the purposes of this example):

astro 2

You’ll see a section that looks like this. Hit the option that says Chiron and get your chart created. That’s it!

astro 3

Healing Your Wounded Healer

So, that project I’ve been teasing for a while? IT’S FINALLY HERE! The Chiron Workbooks are here. Now. For you.

Look Inside the Chiron Workbooks

The Chiron Workbooks were designed for people who are interested in Self work, and perhaps new to the asteroid Chiron and its impact on their natal chart.

This workbook clocks in at a short and sweet 22 pages, but even at its small size, was designed to be revisited again and again.

Each workbook opens with a short introduction and a short letter written specifically for your sign. From there, I walk you through the basics of your Chiron sign, and how it manifests in each House.

Also included in each workbook are 13 different journal prompts and activities, crystal/gem and herb correspondences for your Chiron, affirmations specific for your healing, two spells, and two mini-rituals. All designed specifically to help you heal your Wounded Healer.

Download the workbook now, and begin your healing journey!

Oh, and the best part? It’s $7.00


Get Your Workbook Here
(delivered directly to your inbox immediately)


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