Aries Super Moon Recap


A big part of my spiritual practices hinges just as much on destruction as it does on creation.

As soon as I get really comfortable in whatever it is I’m doing, I tear it all down and and begin again.

I’m sure we’re all familiar (and sick to death) of that old Nietzsche quote about staring into the void. And while I do my fair share of staring into it, I am also a big fan of shouting into The Void. Because if you listen closely enough, it will shout back.

But lately? No matter how loudly I scream, I’ve been getting back nothing but silence.

When it’s too comfortable, it’s time to shake it up. When it ceases to work, it’s time to tear it down.

Psychic Sludge

There were/are things going on in my personal life that made motivation scarce. It’s hard to want to get up and fight when you feel as though there’s no point. When you feel like life is shitting on you personally. When you feel like a fool for wanting to follow your dreams and get what you see as ‘extra’ when you can’t even get your hands on ‘basics’.

There were things on my horizon I didn’t want to rise up to meet for fear of being crushed beneath. I couldn’t keep up and was just treading water. I knew I needed something to kick myself in the ass and get me going again, but I couldn’t come up with anything to anchor my up-coming Full Moon ritual on. I had no idea what to do.

I didn’t end up finding an idea. But the idea ended up finding me.

Don’t Worry. Be Yonce.

I fell down a Youtube rabbit hole and stumbled into my answer.

A bit of Pop Culture witchcraft.

I had to invoke my inner Beyonce.

I’m not going to launch into a big ol’ biography of Beyonce–you’re on the internet currently, Google exists. But if you already know about her past (and present), you know that there was some overlap between her story (and personality) and the properties of this Moon.

Willpower. Rebirth. Leadership. Authority. Drive.

I dug deep, into my personal void, the one within me, and shouted myself hoarse. And there, within the perfect vacuum of Nothing, I found her, and she spoke back. I took what I needed with thanks. I took these things and forged them in the cool heat of moonlight, melded them to my spiritual body.

Gratitude. Drive. Creativity. Rebirth.


I am thankful for all of you who read this blog. Who buy readings from me. Who support me. I am thankful for what all I’ve accomplished so far. I am thankful for the work I am currently putting in towards things to come soon.


I push. I pull. I know when to give and from where to take. I dig deep and I plant seed .


I reap what I have sewn and what grows bears fruit so nourishing it sustains my tribe and self. It is wholesome and heavy and sweet on the tongue.


I rise anew.


What did this last Full Moon birth in you? What did you invoke? Leave a comment and let me know. And stay tuned for big, exciting news later today!





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