Virgo New Moon Eclipse


So this is a few days late, but whatever. I’ve been busy. Things went wrong with the formatting of #SC4SW, which I had to deal with as I try to finish up writing lesson three. Ah, Mercury retrograde!

There’s a lot going on right now (both in the heavens and over here at Hexcellence), so let’s get into it.

Star Gazing:

I don’t know about you, but I’m really bad at keeping up with what’s going on astrologically. I’ll constantly feel the effects of a retrograde or transit, wonder what’s going on with me, and then check the calendar and realize the planets are doing some crazy shit.

Thankfully Chani Nicholas and The Numinous exist to keep me together. If you’re not subscribe to either of their newsletters, I highly recommend you sign up.

Chani Nicholas:

Mercury Retrograde & The Solar Eclipse in Virgo: Vortexes & Victories
Jupiter Enters Libra: Horoscopes for the Week of Sept 5th

The Numinous:

Weekly Astro Oracle: Sept 5-11
Jupiter in Libra: Strong Eye Astrology Sept 5-11
Navigating the September 2016 Eclipse Portal with Kundalini Yoga (if you’re into that)


Deep Magic

The heavens have been busy, and so have I. As above, so below and all that. On the business end of things, I’ve been:

  • Finishing up #SelfCare4SpiritWorkers, which is promising to be something truly magical (and I’m very excited about it!!)
  • Working on a free gift for y’all (!!!)
  • A new reading option for the shop
  • Digital products

I’m very excited about all of that, but BOY has it kept me super fuckin’ busy. On top of that, I’ve been riding the cosmic wave of these transits, eclipses, and this moon phase.

I’ve been doing some deep work on deprogramming some of the beliefs surrounding a certain subject. I’m not going to talk too in depth about it here or now, but it’s been… an indescribable experience. I may talk about it here at a later date. Or not. Who knows!


New Moon in Virgo Eclipse altar

In other news, I have another recommendation for you! This time it’s a book that has helped me amp up the personal work I’ve been doing lately.

My friend Rachel very generously gave me an Amazon gift card for my birthday. So I of course bought a fuckton of used books. One of them was T. Thorn Coyle’s Kissing the Limitless; Deep Magic and the Great Work of Transforming Yourself and the World.

From the back of the book:

“[…] No matter what pagan tradition you practice, you can use Thorn’s tools of energy and breath work, shadow and dream work, tarot and meditation to, quite literally, reshape the world.”

It’s a great book that I read cover to cover within two days (which is huge for me, as I tend to read at a glacial pace). She gives you tons of exercises, as well as things for you to sink your mind-teeth into and really chew on.

Full disclaimer, she is of the Feri/Faery tradition, and it shows in this book. There are exercises that deal with the three souls of that tradition, and the three sections of the book are based on three of the Gods of that tradition (The Star Goddess, The Divine Twins, and The Peacock God).

That being said, you don’t have to be a Feri or even know about that path to gain a lot from this book. It’d be very easy, in my opinion, to customize the very Feri exercises, or omit them all together, while still getting a lot out of this book.

And I think that’s about it!


Drop me a comment and let me know how you’re doing. How has eclipse season been treating you? If you want sneak peeks of upcoming projects and products, sign up for the Hexcellence newsletter! It’s free, and it’s awesome.


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