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Happy Friday, y’all! How have you been this week? I hope you’re well. I’m doing alright. Most I can really complain about is the fact I lost my one fucking piece of amethyst and I’m kinda pissed about it. I know that’s the only thing I can really complain about because it just keeps returning to my mind when not dealing with actual problems or things that really matter.

Hopefully I find it soon. I really can’t figure out where it could have gone.

Anyway…On to the first post of this year’s admittedly truncated Summer of Self-Love!

Today I bring you a personal empowerment spell. Or two empowerment spells, depending on how you choose to view it. The first is the version I found in a book, the second is how I chose to tweak it when I perform it for myself.

You ready? Let’s dive in.


The Book Version:

A Spell for Personal Empowerment
by Marina Singer & Trish MacGregor
The Only Wiccan Spell Book You’ll Ever Need, pg. 108

2 gold candles
Oil or chunk of frankincense
Sprig of sage
Deck of tarot cards
Pen and paper

Full Moon

The authors state that in ideal circumstances, you would be working this spell with the light of the full moon spilling across your work area. You’re supposed to burn the sage to cleanse your area and increase your mental clarity. Next, you separate out the kings and queens from their suits.

Select a king or queen that represents the element of your astrological sign.

On a sheet of paper, write down your intention(s). You’re advised to keep it simple yet specific. Place the paper on your working space under your chosen tarot card. Place one gold candle in the west, the other in the south. Light the candles and frankincense. Shut your eyes and visualize what you desire. Say:

Spirits of the west,
Clarify my love,
Spirits of the south,
Empower me.
So mote it be.

Give thanks, let the candles burn down and throw them out the next day.


The Zee Version:

A candle in a color that resonates with you
Incense that feels “powerful” for you
Tarot cards
Pen & paper

Whenever makes sense to you

You can make choices re: your tools based on your intentions. For example, let’s say I want to do this spell on myself for general empowerment. Astrology is a major thing in my life, so I’d pick tools that reflect my Sun sign (Leo). So a gold, yellow, or orange candle. Cinnamon incense. The Sun card.

If you’re not into astrology, use a candle in your favorite color. Use an incense that makes you feel like The Shit. Use a card you identify with, or alternatively, use your intuition to pick a card.

As far as tarot cards are concerned, if you don’t actually own a physical deck, you could always print off a picture of the one you’ve chosen, or even just pull a picture up on your laptop or phone. I own three tarot decks, but pulling up images of tarot cards is one of my favorite methods in which to do this type of thing. Sometimes I find a card in a deck I don’t actually own that really resonates with me, and I feel like that can sometimes make or break a working. At least for me.

If there is an aspect of you that you feel is lacking in some way and needs empowerment, choose your tools accordingly. For example, if I was feeling a bit low on self love, I’d choose a pink candle, The Empress, and rose incense. Some of that may not ring true to you. When I say “self love”, a different scent or card or color may come to your mind. Utilize your personal correspondences!

Once you’ve gotten the specifics nailed down, take a breath, calm yourself, and begin the spell.

Pull Your Card: Whatever card you’ve chosen, pull it from your deck or pull it up on your device. Study it for a while, meditating on the ways in which this card depicts the attributes you’d like to foster in yourself.

Write: Write down your intent. Take your time. Use the feelings the card brought up to guide you in this.

Speak: I say speak, but you can also just think about your intention a bunch. This is basically just meant to reinforce your intention and hopefully anchor it into your subconscious. Alternatively, you can use lyrics to a song that makes you feel somehow invincible.

I pray to thee, god mother keep my words sincere
Kingpin on these men, show these girls no fear
Let me dominate on every hating motherfucker watching
Let me dominate on every basic bitch that try to stop me
–Mykki Blanco, Feeling Special

Place: Place your paper under your candle.

Light: Light your candle. Let it burn down.

Clean Up: What you do with your paper when you’re done is up to you. I typically burn mine unless it feels more appropriate to do something else with it (like burying it or flushing it down the toilet). Do what feels right to you.

And that’s it!

Do you have a favorite empowerment ritual? Tell me about it in the comments! Are you planning on using either of these spells? Lemme know that too!

As always,




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