Scorpio Full Moon


So last night was the Full Moon in Scorpio. During both Pluto and Mars retrograde. I was expecting my ritual last night to bring up strong emotions–mainly crying. I was sort of right…but instead of crying, I got fucking angry.

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May Day Sale!

I thought about holding off on doing this for a couple more days, but then I thought…screw it. Why the hell not?

So here it is–this year’s Beltane/May Day sale!

First up is the Need Fire reading. Are you holding on to a bunch of shit you no longer have use for? In need of some purification? Find out what to let go of with the Need Fire reading.

needfireneed fire 2

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The second new spread on offer is the Threshold Reading. What does this liminal time hold for you? Find out now.


threshold 2

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They’re both under $10 and a great, simple way to get your ass in gear this season.

The veil is thinning once more. May bright blessings come through for you and yours.



Mars ‘Effing Retrograde


Thoughts on MarsRetrograde 2016

Those of you who have been following me since the witchcuntt Tumblr days can probably attest to the fact that a lot has changed over the past few years. I’m only just beginning to talk about these changes, but I feel like this shift is at least superficially obvious through things like my art work, layouts, the stuff I reblog and post about, etc.

And while these shifts in beliefs and views have changed a lot of things, one constant is that I’m honest as all hell. Mostly about how I feel. And while my views about most things in recent years have shifted towards being more optimistic, I’m still honest about how I’m feeling, as I’m feeling it.

So you can trust me when I say Mars Retrograde started yesterday and I already hate it.


Mars Retrograde

According to Chani Nicholas:

This week Mars stations retrograde. It will be so for the better part of 11 weeks (April 17th-June 29th). This will give us ample opportunity to examine our relationship to all things Mars. Our anger, our drive, our determination, our desire. Mars retrograde can be a time that is better used refining our relationship to it rather than trying to take large leaps in the world. [x]

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