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Ah, the Full Pie reading. This was the first spread I ever designed, and I’m feeling oddly nostalgic today, so I thought I’d share it with you. As with most of my spreads, this one is a little humorous and a lot illuminating.

Find out what’s up below!

The Language Used

Just a quick note before we jump in here: I’ll be throwing around the word “negativity” a lot in this post. That word can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. I use it here as an easy, catch-all term for things that aren’t necessarily ‘bad’ (in my personal opinion, a lot of what gets relegated to the sphere of ‘negativity’ are things that can either be learned from, or utilized in a positive way) but things that are difficult to deal with, or sometimes unnecessary (like when someone tries to make their problems your problems).

“Negativity” as talked about below can be anything from debates or arguments to times of turmoil. In short, I’m not using it as a derogatory term, just an easily recognizable concept.

Purpose of the Spread

An eight card spread especially designed to tell you just how much greasy, emotional B.S. you can safely swallow. This reading was designed to be your own personal emotional nutritionist.

Card Positions

I typically arrange the cards drawn overlapping each other slightly in a tight circle, but trying to number them in the graphic when they’re laid out that way is a big pain in the ass. Overlapping them or laying them out as depicted below both work equally as well, in my experience. So do it however it feels most comfortable to you.

full pie 2

01. “Just A Taste”: Negativity you can easily digest. This may even be something that ends up feeding your soul. In the example above (The Devil), it’s temptation. Giving in every once in a while can be fun and freeing. Conversely, not giving in can be fortifying because you know who you are and what you’re about and won’t be diverted from that.

02-03. “Feelin’ Full”: Again, this may be a type of negativity that ends up feeding you. Like when you fight hard for something you know is right. You may not ‘win’ in any tangible way, but sometimes simply fighting for something is a moral ‘win’. In the reading above, this type of situation is presented as standing up for someone who is disenfranchised against someone who is kicking them while they’re down.

04-05. “Feelin’ Queasy”: This is where things get less soul-feeding and more soul-sickening. Give yourself time to let the gut roiling feelings pass after you’ve dealt with this type of negativity. In the reading above, this situation is presented as when you find out someone you previously thought was emotionally mature and in your corner is actually just an asshole who has plans to somehow take advantage of you.

06-07. “Captain Greasy Guts”: The emotional version of severe food poisoning, basically. This is something that can keep you down for a while–something that takes you a longer time to recover from than the other positions we’ve covered so far. In the reading, it’s finding out someone you thought of as a brilliant mentor to you, that you’ve been heavily invested in, really doesn’t know shit.

08. “Get the Stomach Pump”: This type of negativity is absolute poison to you and should be avoided like the plague wherever possible. In the above reading, this could be finding out someone you’ve taken under your wing and have tried to help and nurture is a big energy vacuum who has no interest in learning and growing.ย  They ask you for advice and never take it. They tell you you’re brilliant and then dismiss your way of viewing/doing things. They constantly ask to break bread with you and don’t so much as offer to help you clean up afterward.

Now Go Forth, And Divine!

And that’s it! I hope you find this spread helpful. Tell me if you use it, and what you think of it.

Here’s the condensed version, in handy graphic form:

full pie 3

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