Astrology & Shadow Work

Astrology & Shadow Work

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8 thoughts on “Astrology & Shadow Work

  1. hexcellencetarot says:

    You have a very interesting chart!

    I’m a Sun, Venus & Jupiter Leo, Taurus Mars, Virgo Mercury, Capricorn Saturn, Neptune & Uranus, and my Pluto is in Scorpio. I’m a fairly mixed bag. hahaha



  2. dakilidale says:
    Hi , i am new here 🙂 from today and i allready like it very much . So many interesting stuff . I am pionir in astrology ( one year learning and i am interesting also in dark parts of personality , hiden emotion , past life and karma . I would like if you can tell me your opinion about what kind of esoteric or spiritual stuff is best for my next job just from your side and knowledge of my planets ,houses…. it will be interesting and we can compare with my opinion and opinion of my astrologer and that will be good for booth , because we will know how good we understand all of this 🙂 I hope that this is ok with you or someone here who know how to read from it . Tnx , send you a big hug .


    • hexcellencetarot says:

      Hello, Danijela!

      First of all, thank you for checking out my blog. I appreciate it very much.

      Secondly, the link you posted doesn’t actually lead to your chart. :/

      I don’t actually do any type of readings (cards or charts) for free. Actually, I don’t do chart readings for pay, either, as I don’t have the time to devote to it. But perhaps if you leave the details of your chart in a comment, another reader might be able to help you out!

      I wish you luck and big hugs back,


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  3. dakilidale says:

    Oh i did not wont reading, i have astrologer and i explore myself alone …. i just want opinion because maybe someone have the similar position or have maybe some material for reading 🙂 . Sorry about that . I have stellium in aquarius with sun , moon, mars , ceres , vesta in 12 house , asc pices , saturn in 7 house virgo , uran 8 house scorpio and pluton i 7 house . jupiter in leo in 5 house and venus and neptun on mc in sagitarius . Mybe i put too much planets , hahhaha . true node virgo i forget .Maybe someone got some info about some stuff about 12 house ? Tnx Zee

    have a lots of hugs



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