Budding in Spring

Yesterday was filled with nothing but stress. The very fabric of my existence shoved full of aggravation and stretched so taught the seams threatened to split. So naturally, when nighttime swept in as understanding and merciful as Dr Kevorkian, I stuffed myself with carbohydrates and crashed face-first into my bed.

Today, I tried to rectify all that by taking time out this morning to meditate (something I’d forgotten to do yesterday), take my time drinking my coffee, and pull a card for the day.

Of course, nothing can ever be so simplistic. It had to be one of those times every card reader knows well–One of those times where your deck reads you.


Okay, yes, Lovers’ Tarot, I get it. I got my flash sale orders filled and there are no more sales planned until May. In short, I’ve got a wide opened window of creative free time and an idea I’ve been sitting on for about three weeks. Now is the time to get started.

That card drawing was two hours ago and I’ve gotten a bit done. As always, though, I’m working mostly out of order. Meaning the third thing I’m starting in on now is the introduction for the thing I’m working on.


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Back to work I go,