Full Moon in Taurus


Taurus moon

Today is a very full day.

  • The day before Thanksgiving with the family.
  • The day before my first Black Friday sale goes live.
  • A full moon in Taurus.

I woke at 5:30 am and brewed my morning’s first cup of coffee and waited to wake up before truly starting my day. While waiting for the caffeine to kick in and work its magic, I went in search of a tarot spread that would be appropriate today.

Two thirds of the way through my first cup and with the sun creeping up over the horizon, I was ready to start my day.

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Deprogramming: Money Mayhem


Here’s the thing about using witchcraft to work on yourself.

Here’s the thing about using anything to work on yourself.

Here the thing about working on yourself.

You’ll never be finished. There will always be something to improve upon.

This is something I’ve known since before I even thought about trying to better myself as a person. Perfection is the greatest myth ever conceived, after all. But knowing something in theory and knowing something in practice are two totally different things.

To be quite honest, I (foolishly) thought I knew all of my problems, all of the things I needed to work on. I thought these were things that would keep me occupied well into my old age.

“There couldn’t possibly be more than all this,” I thought, standing in pseudo-contentment amid all my various problems, fears, and old hurts. “This will keep me plenty busy until I die!”
So imagine my surprise when I uncovered this previously unnoticed lie I’d been telling myself since childhood.

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