Tuesday Tarot: Kingsman Spread


Thanks to my platonic soulmate and soon-to-be roommate Rachel, I have become super obsessed with the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. Really, she had me at, “Colin Firth doing most of his own stunts”. Yeah. It is what it is, folks.

So of course I had to make a spread based off it, right? And I figure, since this was the most viewed reading option on my stats page…

I see you there, creepers. <3

I see you there, creepers. โค

…that I’d let y’all know what’s up.

SPOILER ALERT: Part of this spread deals with a major plot point, so if you’ve not seen the movie…why are you here, buddy? You’re weird and I like it.

I present to you now, the Kingsman inspired Situation Intel Spread.

Behold the power of my ability to fangirl, and quake.

Behold the power of my ability to fangirl, and quake.

Spread purpose

Situational recon or intel for whatever mission you’re on. Consider this your one page dossier on any situation.


01. Eggsy. Workable potential. Positive ‘natural gifts’ or attitudes you possess. Talents, gifts, and abilities one can utilize to achieve one’s mission.

02. Harry Hart. Earnable opportunities; doors that may open for you soon; what to watch out for in terms of good opportunities.

03. Roxy. Competent, well-crafted skills; Either career-related skills you can use, or ways in which you can sharpen and hone your natural talents in ways which will be helpful towards your goal(s).

04. Merlin. Info source/problem solving; Either where you can look for extra, helpful bits of info or tools, or someone to whom you can turn for advice and guidance in your mission.

05. Arthur. What to watch out for. Diversions in your course; things that won’t work out; snakes in the grass.

Example Reading

Okay. Let’s pretend I’m using this spread to do a reading for you. Ready? Let’s go!



01. Eggsy; Your potential–You use logic and reason to try to find balance. You do what you must–pleasant or not–to achieve your ends, provided you believe these ends to be beneficial to all.

02. Harry Hart; Opportunities–A new job offer.

03. Roxy; Skills–Focus on your problem solving skills, and how to work better under pressure.

04. Merlin; Info Source–Someone who has hit rock bottom. They’re either still there, or they’ve been there in the past. Either way, this person has something to teach you that will help push you toward the success of your mission.

05. Arthur; What to watch for–Beware the silver-tongued, fast-talking backstabber.

Summary: There is a great new job opportunity on the horizon for you. Should you take it, your pragmatism and sense of honor and duty will serve you well in your new position. Skills you should focus on sharpening are thinking on your feet, problem solving and working well under pressure.ย  There is someone in your life presently (or someone who will be in your life, shortly) who knows a lot about having to start over. This person will be an excellent sounding board as well as a font of advice for you during this time. But be aware of a new, conniving coworker. This person will be unwanted competition, and will not play fairly.

And that’s pretty much it! I hope you have fun with this, and if you try it out, do let me know what you think!

Hail Satan, and have a lovely day.




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